Hooray and thank you!

I’m so delighted to announced that ‘Creature Comforts’ surpassed its goal (with 111% of the IndieGoGo campaign funded!), and just wanted to share an effusive facebook post I wrote yesterday here:

When I started my fundraising campaign for ‘Creature Comforts’ 40 days ago, I was pretty anxious and more than a little sheepish about the whole thing, from my goofy DIY living room pitch video to asking people for money to actually getting this project funded. I couldn’t have imagined what an incredible outpouring of generosity and support was coming my way, from old and new friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and even strangers.
One of the parts of this process that I’ve found the most rewarding is the need to get back in touch with people I haven’t corresponded with in months (or even years), and to deepen bonds with people I don’t know as well. I’m so grateful to be able to share this album with people who’ve known me at every single stage of my life, from toddler times to elementary school piano recitals to college to very recent performances. This might sound silly, but it feels a little like having a new baby be blessed by the whole village, or like inviting representatives of all your past selves to a wedding.
To the 102 people who contributed to ‘Creature Comforts’, I want to offer my deepest and most heartfelt thanks, and I’d like to congratulate all of us for bringing this album to 111% of its goal! So as to avoid a ridiculous laundry list of names, I will write you each individual comments on this post in the next day or so.
To everyone who shared, posted, or otherwise helped to cheerlead for the campaign and the album in general, I am infinitely grateful for your help. It’s somewhat exhausting (and not really in my nature) to post about myself constantly, and your help was indispensable in getting this thing off the ground.
To my fellow musicians, sound engineers, and artists involved with the record, thank you for making ‘Creature Comforts’ the strange and wonderful beast that it is. The greatest part of making this record has been collaboration with each and every one of you, and the contributions of your sounds, ears, creativity, images, and profound artistry go far beyond what any money (especially d.i.y. album budgets) can buy.
To conclude what is probably the longest facebook post I’ve ever written, here’s a song that I didn’t write (David Schweighart did it!), with three of my best friends and most beloved musicians, all prominently featured on Creature Comforts – from a night with Loose Lips Sink Ships, not so long ago. And we all fall in love.

(And since I can’t tag a gazillion people here, my deepest thanks to Alfred Klug, Christa Muttonen, Lucy Shelton, Marianne Stecich, John Burke, Adrian Demian, Clio Montrey, Gerhard Daurer, Douglas Kim, Laura Cocks, Nika Palama, Andrew McKenna Lee, Bernd Klug, Oliver Huether, Jesse Fallick, Garfield Trummer, Molly Thompson, Lavinia Pavlish, Colleen Miller, Tristan McKay, Peter Zlotnick, Annegret Klaua, E.W. Harris, Clement So, Charles Lyons, the Kelly Family, Sarah Goldfeather, Eric Nathan, Abigail Ellman, L.A. Markuson, Moritz Stumvoll, Jeremy Kutner, Hannes Seethaler, Matt Siffert, Caroline Asen, Daniel Nasr, Max Dulaney, Christoph Moederndorfer, Alan Baron, David Mayfield, John Larmer, Emily Praetorius, Lucy Winn Kitada, Carlos Cordeiro, Patty Breech, Abigail Deutsch, Ben Richter, Lauren Lee McGill, Jonathon Roberts, Miranda Ferriss Jones, Jeremy Verrier, Rachel Golub, Randy Gibson, Marina Kifferstein, Miho Hazama, Taylor Brook, Verena Zwatz, Joe Streibl, Jodie Rottle, Hans Wagner, Ashley Fogerty, Bernd Supper, Larry and Arlene Dunn, Natalie Kimmelman, Yilin Nie Jamison, Christabel Lin, Lela Neugeschwandtner, Stephen Malkin, Aaron Siegel, Mark Dover, Jordan Nelson, Tom Hamilton, James Hall, David Poissonnier, Mary Schwartz, David Bloom, Hannah Levinson, Sean Leatherbury and Steve Welsh, Anne Lanzilotti, Dani Neff, Allison Goldberg, Nathaniel Parks, Maya Bennardo, Marlon Feld, Louise Lanzilotti, Scott Bulua, Miya Komori-Glatz, Graham Roberts, Anna-Louise Costello, Angela Mallard, Pete Wise, James Moore, Mimu Merz, and a few anonymous supporters!)