Media (Cello)

Andreas Trobollowitsch / jabuticabas fuer eine Cellistin / Kuenstlerhauspassage Vienna / December 2014

The Rhythm Method / Lewis Nielson / Le Journal du Corps / Roulette, Brooklyn / March 2018

Alvin Singleton’s Be Natural
with Stephanie Griffin and James Ilgenfritz, live at Roulette, May 2016

John Zorn – A Rebours (for solo cello and nine instruments)

Featuring David Bloom, conductor; Chris Clarino, Sean Statser, Ellery Trafford, percussion; Marina Kifferstein, violin; Anne Lanzilotti, viola; Caleb van der Swaagh, cello; Jodie Rottle, flute; Liam Kinson, clarinet; Margaret Mackenzie, harp


Steve Reich – Cello Counterpoint (for solo cello and pre-recorded tape)

Track mixed and

produced by Bernd Klug


Luciano Berio – Sequenza XIV (for solo cello)


Leah Asher – Threads (for solo cello)