Swan Song for a Superpower

My newest ditty is the first of what I suspect will be many protest songs against our current political situation (recorded for the NPR Tiny Desk contest). Since Jan. 20, I’ve been struggling to figure out what music can mean/accomplish/be. Of course, it’s a welcome distraction to rehearse Schubert for 4 hours, away from the news. But it’s also a necessary balm for all our weary souls right now, and a vehicle for catharsis and community.

My early songs were all angst and loneliness, single-girl alienation and self-pity, and sometimes I worried that now, as a 30-something in a stable, long-term relationship, I wouldn’t have the material for more songs. Well, there’s plenty of material for angsty music these days, and I fully intend to channel all my rage and fear and disappointment into music, starting here (though this is a surprisingly cheerful, almost danceable tune – I wrote it in November, after all):