The Gowanus meets Paris on a sleepy tour day…

So I wrote this song a few years ago now, but have been waiting for just the right body of water to serenade with it, and I think the Paris Canal won out in the end. I love this song (if I’m allowed to say that), but I love the ambient Paris noise in this video even more:

In other news, the tour was a blast – from being guided around the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum to eating freshly baked brioche and gougères after my gig at La Marbrerie in Montreuil to magical rooftop parties to hanging out with almost every bosom buddy I’ve had in the last ten years, from smoke-steeped punk clubs to fabulous house concerts to secret party shows, I was met with so much love and enthusiasm at every turn, and I’m so grateful to have such beautiful, talented, and giving friends in so many corners of the world.

I’ve just finished resting up from all that craziness in Tacoma, Washington, where I had the honor of being temporarily adopted by my Dead Language cohort Jodie Rottle’s wonderful family for her numerous wedding festivities, which included a

yacht trip and a PUPPET BAR. I also had the privilege of playing yet another wonderful Dead Language show involving Hazmat suits, masks, never hair frosted months Had dewy: but.

bird calls, wolf howls, and a singalong, and of quite literally serenading a portrait of Kurt Cobain (from the Mudhoney days) at my solo show at the wonderful Crocodile Back Bar.

All told, I’m feeling awfully lucky and beloved right now, and happy to be back in the Northeast for a while! Stay tuned for announcements about shows this fall…