As both a soloist and a member of groups such as string quartet The Rhythm Method and improvisatory trio Dead Language, Meaghan seeks out meaningful collaborations with composers from a wide variety of idioms and practices: from intricate graphic scores by Leah Asher to science fiction micro-operas by Alex Temple, from immersive sound art pieces by Bernd Klug to hushed meditations by Scott Wollschleger. She has been a guest artist with Lucy Shelton, Erik Friedlander, Fred Sherry, Greg Saunier (of Deerhoof), the FLUX Quartet, and many other artists in Europe and the US, and has also worked closely with composers such as Muhal Richard Abrams, Butch Morris, Alvin Singleton, Petr Kotik, Philippe Manoury, and John Zorn. Her performances have taken her everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Salle Pleyel in Paris, from Brisbane, Australia’s Festival of Toy Music to Vienna’s Popfest, from ancient Greek amphitheaters to smoky Viennese cafes. She has performed under Sir Simon Rattle, Matthias Pintscher, and Peter Eötvös as a member of the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra. Meaghan holds an M.M. from the Manhattan School of Music (Contemporary Performance Program), an M.A. from Konservatorium Wien University (Vienna, Austria), and a B.A. from Yale. Her principal cello teachers have included Fred Sherry, Bernhard Greenhouse, Christoph Stradner, and Ole Akahoshi; she has also studied voice with Lucy Shelton and improvisation with Erik Friedlander.

Andreas Trobollowitsch / jabuticabas fuer eine Cellistin / Kuenstlerhauspassage Vienna / December 2014

Andrew Norman / The Companion Guide To Rome (Teresa) / Anne Lanzilotti, viola; Lavinia Pavlish, Violin / March 2015

For more videos of “Companion Guide”, visit https://vimeo.com/album/3291559/

Alvin Singleton’s Be Natural
with Stephanie Griffin and James Ilgenfritz, live at Roulette, May 2016

Recent recordings of The Rhythm Method

Maurice Ravel – Sonata for Violin and Violoncello, Movement 2  

John Zorn – Zeitgehöft   

Live recordings from Master’s Recital, 2/26/13

John Zorn – A Rebours (for solo cello and nine instruments)

Featuring David Bloom, conductor; Chris Clarino, Sean Statser, Ellery Trafford, percussion; Marina Kifferstein, violin; Anne Lanzilotti, viola; Caleb van der Swaagh, cello; Jodie Rottle, flute; Liam Kinson, clarinet; Margaret Mackenzie, harp


Steve Reich – Cello Counterpoint (for solo cello and pre-recorded tape)

Track mixed and

produced by Bernd Klug


Luciano Berio – Sequenza XIV (for solo cello)


Leah Asher – Threads (for solo cello)


** a brief disclaimer: I realize that, according to the strict rules of “uptown” vs. “downtown,” some of these works are miscategorized. I also realize that trying to fit most music into categories is impossible, and that all the terms we’ve developed to do so are misleading. However, in an effort to keep this site reasonably organized, I have chosen to refer to all my classical/contemporary classical as “uptown,” all my pop/singer/songwriter work as “downtown,” and all my improvisation work as “out-of-town,” although of course the lines between these styles are not always clear.**